The World Must Stand Together
Global Zero
The Greatest Generation
Michael Moore teams up with Art Not War to send a foul-mouthed message to Mitt Romney. (NSFW)
Campaign for the People’s Climate March
Mitt's Office
How terrible would it be to have Mitt Romney as a boss? Art Not War gives you an idea with this parody of the “The Office” for MoveOn.org starring Justin Long.
99% Spring Training Announcement
“Change happens because people put their beliefs and bodies on the line.” Olivia Wilde, Zoe Kravitz, and Penn Badgley spread the word on the 99% Spring.
Vote Buddy
Marisa Tomei helps get out the vote for MoveOn's Vote Buddy program.
Revealed: The GOP Strategy
The GOP election strategy for 2012 is pretty nasty.


  • Overview

    Art Not War creates video, music, graphics, and animation for television, film, radio, and online media. We specialize in advocacy commercials for television, viral web videos, infographics, short form documentaries, and original music for picture. From concept to completion, Art Not War brings your project or campaign through all stages of creative, production, and delivery to your target audience.
  • Creative Development

    •Campaign planning
    •Script writing and editing
    •Fact and photo research
    •Storyboard and casting
  • Production

    •HD video for television, cinema, and multimedia
    •Design for infographics, online media, and print
    •Animation and motion graphics Original music and sound design Voice over, ADR, and sound mixing
    •Set design and construction
  • Media Planning and Delivery

    •Advertising placement
    •Social media outreach
    •Press and blog outreach