Artists for Warren

Look, we know–Elizabeth Warren might say she’s not running for President. But if there’s ever been a time we needed a voice like hers in the conversation—one that lays down the righteous truth about Wall St. corruption and how to bring our country to a place where working Americans are given a fair shake in a 1% world–it’s now.

So in 2015, we hit the ground running when longtime client MoveOn.org decided to engage on our shared idea to draft Elizabeth Warren for President. ART NOT WAR quickly founded Artists for Warren, working with Academy Award-nominated actor Mark Ruffalo and co-founder Winnie Wong to develop a coalition of artists to join us in MoveOn’s Run Warren Run campaign. Our first Artists for Warren event was held in NYC on January 22nd and has already produced major media coverage. And we’re just getting started…


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Washington Post


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