ART NOT WAR is a New York / Los Angeles based creative agency and cultural impact firm specializing in data driven creative, social justice movement building and digital strategy. Our team has spent 20 years making high impact media, leading cultural campaigns and working with artists and activists to help craft and change policy. Since our launch in 2011, ART NOT WAR’s content and campaigns have reached an online audience of over 1 billion worldwide, earning hundreds of millions of dollars of earned media for our clients, billions of impressions and multiple awards for our work.

Cultural Campaigns

ART NOT WAR creates big vision, multifaceted campaigns that move the dial on your organization’s issues by placing them directly into the pop culture conversation. Video, digital strategy, events, artist outreach, user generated grassroots contests, and even poster sniping are some of the proven tactics in our cultural toolbox.

Digital Strategy

We are social media ninjas. We create original content for your campaign that can exponentially amplify your online audience. We routinely grow clients’ online presence by over 600%.


With over 20 years of film and video production experience, our team can handle conception, writing, directing, producing, shooting, editing, original music composition, color correction, and sound mixing all in-house, saving your organization time and money while developing consistent branding for your campaign.


ART NOT WAR handles all aspects of event production, from multi-artist stadium events to fundraising galas to small scale gatherings. We can broadcast events across multiple platforms including Facebook, Livestream, Fora.Tv, and Periscope.

Artist Outreach

Our team has worked with hundreds of artists on social justice issues. From Oscar winning actors, directors, and writers to grassroots artists, harnessing the power of art for social change is our core mission.

Documentary Film

We create unique relationships between social justice movements and media companies to partner behind high-impact documentary film.


ANW uses innovative organic and paid promotion techniques.  We helped create an organized organic progressive distribution network that can reach over 100 million self-identified progressives online, and our digital team will stretch your media budget with highly efficient A/B testing and customization of content against target audiences. We connect your creative to the exact people you want to reach, and drive maximum engagement and advocacy.


With 15 years of public relations experience and billions of media impressions since our launch in 2012, ART NOT WAR has an incredible track record of getting the right press coverage for your campaign. We offer a full range of PR services including op eds, press releases, media outreach, media training, and crisis management.

We’ll work with your team to map out short-term, medium-term, and long-term PR goals to ensure your important work is seen. Whether we’re crafting a rapid response statement, op ed, booking memo, or a producer or editor meeting, we’ll make your victories known while building your profile as an organization.



Our clients include the world’s leading progressive nonprofit organizations, socially conscious businesses and innovative media outlets. Content created by ART NOT WAR’s small team has earned over 500 million online views, 11 Pollies, 3 Reed Awards, and hundreds of millions of dollars of earned media through worldwide news coverage.