Helen Stickler
Art Director / Producer / Director

Helen Stickler is an Emmy-nominated producer/director, and a writer, editor, and designer. Her early short film “Andre The GiantHas a Posse,” discovered then-unknown artist Shepard Fairey, and was hailed by the Village Voice as “legendary… a canonical study of Gen-X media manipulation.” Her feature documentary “Stoked: TheRise and Fall of Gator” premiered at Sundance and had a world wide theatrical distribution. A graduate of the Rhode Island School of Design, Helen is known for her midcentury home interior design, and her retro-themed, wryly written political memes that shape the daily social media conversation.

Helen created one of the most widely exposed social media memes to come out of the 2016 primary -#ponygate – which was printed in Hillary Clinton’s book, and included in a Stephen Colbert monologue. In the 2016 primary, Helen designed more than a hundred political memes for ART NOT WAR,in her role as Digital Director for Humanity For Hillary. Helen has been featured in The New York Times, The LA Times, Fresh Air, and dozens of other national publications.