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Blue Falcon: Women Vets Call Trump a Coward

Common Defense PAC & MoveOn came to us with an idea:  to feature the voices of women vets who wanted to speak out against Donald Trump becoming the commander in chief

ART NOT WAR worked with Common Defense to cast a diverse group of vets, then interviewed them, and wrote a script based on their own words and experiences.  ART NOT WAR produced, directed, shot and edited the video.

MoveOn and Common Defense pushed the ad out with a 5 figure Facebook ad buy delivered to female veteran voters, military households, and similar constituencies in seven battleground states (North Carolina, Florida, Nevada, Ohio, Arizona, Pennsylvania, and New Hampshire), and promoted nationwide via social media.  

Titled “Blue Falcon,” the video features women veterans — three of whom served in Iraq — sharing their powerful stories and telling American voters why Trump is bad for veterans and servicemembers and unfit to serve as commander-in-chief. The raw, unvarnished straight talk of these veterans makes the video stand out from typical political ads. The title “Blue Falcon” references a military jargon term for someone who is dangerously selfish and unreliable.

The result?  6 million views of the video