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Courage Campaign: "Yes on 30"

With just a month to go before the 2012 election, the Courage Campaign wanted to break down the complexities of California ballot Propositions 32 and 30 for voters in a fun and easy-to-understand video. Art Not War helped Bradley Whitford (West Wing, The Cabin in the Woods) and Courage Campaign director, Rick Jacobs, explain why voters should say “no” to 32 (a proposition that would have stopped unions from making political donations while allowing unlimited spending for corporations) and “yes” to 30 (a proposition that would raise $9 billion for public education).

When the spot was finished, it aired on MSNBC, where Bradley appeared to discuss the issues. The good news? California voters heeded Courage Campaign’s advice and, indeed, said no to 32 and yes to 30 at the polls!