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Humanity For Hillary Campaign

It was July 2016 and the Clinton campaign had a problem: 30 years of right-wing attacks were echoing through the internet from the far left. The onslaught of false narratives, distortions, and outright lies about Mrs. Clinton’s likability, trustworthiness and authenticity was negatively impacting how voters, especially millennials, felt about Hillary Clinton. ART NOT WAR’s mission: to educate, inspire, and unite the left around Clinton by telling the truth about her record and platform using the visual language of the internet.

We created a social media campaign called Humanity for Hillary, organizing cultural elites and influencers and creating shareable memes and video content–edgier than anything the Clinton campaign would be able to produce–tailor-made for impact online. We aimed to speak directly to the Rising American Electorate (millennials, women, and people of color), positioning Clinton as THE Change Candidate by highlighting the historic nature of her campaign and tapping into her progressive platform on issues these voters cared about most. We positioned Humanity for Hillary as a call for intersectional feminism from a campaign run by a group of diverse women with authentic voices. And we tapped deeply into the creativity of the entertainment community, utilizing actors, writers, filmmakers, and producers to help us create content that would reach millions.

Our campaign became incredibly successful in a very short time and our results were 100% organic. Within three months, Humanity for Hillary’s original content earned a Total Audience Reach (all social media channels combined) of:  275,699,531. We measured impact with Nuvi, a social listening platform, Facebook and Twitter analytics.

Some more numbers:

Total Combined Views of Original Content (Videos & Memes): 54,311,195

Viral Coefficient: 1.1 ⃰

⃰ 1.1 is an almost unheard of Viral Co-efficient for a campaign of this size. It means we expanded our initial audience 110% through sharing.

According to Meltwater, a service that tracks media impressions, our campaign was mentioned 1,152 times in the press. And we reached a total audience just above 1.5 Billion. The value of this exposure was $15,318,217.


In early September, polls indicated that 44% of voters under 35 were still opting for a third party vote. By election day, 55% of millennial voters chose Clinton on their ballot.

Despite winning the popular vote by almost three million, our candidate did not become President. But Humanity for Hillary helped millions of millennial voters view Clinton with fresh eyes. And our fierce message of intersectional feminism lives on through the Women’s March and our still thriving online community, now called Humanity for Progress.


-Created the Humanity for Hillary campaign concept and name.

-Designed all visual assets and logos.

-Designed and executed the campaign microsite:

-Ran all social media accounts.

-Created all original video content, from conception, to scripting, casting, and all aspects of production.

-Organized Filmmakers for Hillary, a group of 100 accomplished filmmakers who made content for our campaign.

-Performed all online video and meme distribution, creating unique relationships with other organizations and organic Facebook pages to quickly reach a large, young progressive audience.

-Ran all PR for the project.