Case Studies» "Inspiration"

When billionaire oil barons the Koch Brothers hosted a conference for fellow right wing fat cats at a tony southern California resort in June, 2014, their top political strategist, Richard Fink, gave a speech saying stuff you’d imagine arch conservative 1% magnates express to each other all the time behind closed doors: that poor people are to blame for their poverty, that minimum wage is the result of a Nazi conspiracy, and that the GOP’s prime agenda is all about—big surprise–making more profit. Senator Mitch McConnell, a guest at the conference, said he found the day “inspiring.”

How do we know all of this? An intrepid progressive was at the conference, surreptitiously recording audio! When the recordings were released MoveOn asked ART NOT WAR to jump in and create a rapid response advertisement challenging Sen. McConnell to tell us which part of the Koch brothers 1% agenda inspired him most. Less than 24 hours later, our TV ad was on the air, lighting up major news outlets nationwide.