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Lawrence Lessig at Civic Hall

In April of 2015 MoveOn was approaching the end of what turned out to be a highly successful campaign to draft Elizabeth Warren to run for President. While Warren never chose to run, the campaign was covered widely in major media, and not-too-arguably set the stage for the Bernie juggernaut soon to come. ART NOT WAR was there from the start  and, as part of their final push, MoveOn asked us to produce a high profile speaking event in which famed law professor and activist Lawrence Lessig would lay out the most convincing case for a truly progressive presidency yet. ANW booked a venue–New York’s Civic Hall–and secured Van Jones and Zephyr teachout to complete the lineup of featured speakers. We packed the house with an audience of 400 progressive activists, media, and influencers for the hour long program which included a catered pre-presentation cocktail hour and after party. Last but not least, ANW produced a five camera livestream of the presentation along with a series of shareable breakout videos for social media.