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NY State Nurses Assoc: Patients Before Profits

In the face of increasing privatization of city hospitals, New York State Nurses Association came to ART NOT WAR with an emergency situation.  They needed a short doc that would help their membership remember the noble history of nursing and sound a rallying cry to keep their core mission alive–to care for every patient, regardless of their ability to pay. The problem?  They needed this mini-documentary—one that would honor nurses in the public system, engaging them not only as health care providers but also as health care activists—to be written, researched, shot and edited in less than six weeks. A 23-minute documentary. In six weeks. Game On!

“Patients Before Profits” touches on public nursing’s 300-year history, lays out the challenges faced by nurses today, and inspires them to fight for a fair and better system where no one will ever be turned away.  When NYSNA aired our doc at their annual convention on September 19th in front of 3,000 nurses, it received a standing ovation. Mission accomplished.