Case Studies» "Thank You For My Job, Mitt Romney!"

In the 2012 Presidential race, Mitt Romney repeatedly made the claim that he was a “job creator.” The truth was, Romney’s Bain Capital created many jobs—overseas–at the expense of American workers.

MoveOn asked Art Not War to create an ad telling the truth about Mitt Romney’s history of job creation—a truth that involved shipping thousands of positions overseas. So Art Not War meticulously researched Bain Capital’s history of outsourcing and illustrated true-to-life examples of where the jobs actually went—places like China, Australia, and Germany among many others—and created a humorous and biting “thank you” message from an international  community of workers.

Immediately after its release in August, 2012, “Thank You For My Job, Mitt Romney!” supercharged media focus on the truth about Bain Capital’s outsourcing. The ad was featured as the controversial conversation starter on a number of news programs and earned thousands of views online, and won a 2013 Pollie Award for Best Cable Only Broadcast- Democrat.